To Have Or To Be?


In the spirit of Erich Fromm's "To have or to be", time exchanges focus on being. Regardless of how much or how little someone has, everyone has something to give, everyone has their own special strengths. We want to promote this awareness, the appreciation for each other, regardless of social status and financial background. Personal contacts create "social capital".

It is foreseeable that barter exchanges will spread, because with increasing digitalisation, people will in all likelihood have less income and more and more free time. By exchanging time, i.e. by "paying" for services with time, it should also be possible to afford something despite having less money, and more quality of life will be created.

And finally, in life there are not only the widespread options "either", "or", but also the option "both and", which is much better suited to the way of life and the new society we want to build.  

In this sense, we say: "To have and to be!"


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